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Creating a digital footprint around your brick and mortar locations.

A shopping trip is an occasion. The bustle of shoppers, the wide array of items before your eyes and the opportunity to purchase there and then. Yet as the surge in online retail continues to grow, physical retailers can get left behind if they do not adapt and embrace the new power that is before us: technology.

BizzleIt is focused on bringing this power of technology to the real world by creating omnichannel retail platforms that bring the convenience of online, together with the benefits of physical stores.

Utilising technology to make big data work for you, increasing your business's efficiency, creating new revenue streams and merging the online and offline shopping experience for your customers. In turn, putting the power of brick and mortar retail back into your hands; increasing engagement, footfall, basket spend, loyalty and customer retention.


SaaS solutions to meet your loyalty and omnichannel needs.

High Street

Built for Store Owners, Staff & Retail Chains

For the grocers, restaurants and retailers. Specialised solutions to put your locations on the physical and digital map. Growing your brand experiences into the future.

Malls & Departments Stores

Designed for Shopping Centres & Land Owners

Putting your location at the forefront of retail experiences. Supplying your tenants digital spaces and physical spaces, increasing conversion rates whilst customers are on location and increasing retention rates when they are not.

FMCG's & Brands

Efficient Marketing Channels

Efficiently reach, engage and connect to more customers than ever before, with deep insights into their interactions.

Direct channels to millions of consumers through thousands of retailers.

Agile retail. Instant creation of posts, offers and messages created centrally or by individual stores.

Able to adapt instantly to local trends, events and demographics.

Campaign Management

Applies to: High Street, Malls & Department Stores, FMCG's & Brands.

Location based push notifications.
 Notify users of targeted offers as they walk past your store based on previous baskets and online browsing habits.

Personally welcome customers as they enter your store or location.

Physical stores building digital databases by gaining favourites.

Consumers favourite stores to opt in for individual store and group communications, creating a more engaging experience through local customers and local stores.

Digital Databases

Applies to: High Street, Malls & Department Stores, FMCG's & Brands.

Case Study

SPAR GO, loyalty and marketing platform for SPAR UK.


SPAR UK Loyalty Platform

Driving local customer loyalty, through local stores. 
SPAR required a loyalty solution to grow the SPAR brand into the future, whilst catering for the large amount of independent retailers within the business.

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